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05 Aug

The Theme Song

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A listener requested that I post the lyrics to the programme theme song, and I figured I should probably give a little history about it too.

Back in September of 2009, I had purchased the “I am T-Pain” app on my iPhone on a whim, and was messing around with it.  Out of the blue it occurred to me to record a theme song for the programme.  I didn’t really think much about it, or write any of the lyrics down, it was entirely improv.  It was done in one take (although there was a mini-take before where I got two lyrics in and started cracking up).

The backing track is T-Pain’s song “Bartender” and you can also download the programme theme song.

Audio MP3


it’s 10pm in boston massachusetts
time for grahams’ completely normal radio programmeeeee

welcome to my programme, shit is started
i got lots of contests and reviews for you
but mostly mu-sic is on the agenda

i’m gonna play shit for you all night long
or at least until around midnight
when i play you an extra song
that’s called a bonus track
its motha fuckin’ great
you’ll be like “holy shit i thought the show was over”
unless you’ve listened before then you know every week
there’s a bonus track and you’ll get…
that was a dumb lyric
i dont know what the fuck i’m talking about
perhaps i should have written this all down

welcome to the programme
it’s time to spin some music for you
im over drivin’ the mic on my shitty iPhone

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