@programmetracks and other random updates

As usual the programme will be live tonight at 10pm, and tonight we’ll debut a new feature. As each song plays, the artist an song title will be posted to a second twitter account, @programmetracks. So if that is something you are interested in, check it out. You can view the updates without actually having a Twitter account, so don’t let that scare you off..

You may have noticed the little “This is blahblahblah, and you are listening to grahams’ completely normal radio programme’ drops which I pepper into each show. New drops are always welcome, so if you have a computer and a microphone, please feel free to send them my way. And don’t feel the need to stick directly to the ‘script’. I’ll be debuting a special drop tonight which goes completely off script…

Some listeners have asked me why there isn’t a podcast version of the show. The short answer to that is that while it is technologically easy for me to do so, my streaming license only covers streaming, so I can’t legitimately provide a podcast without obtaining yet another license (which would mean more money). Obviously, this might be something I would consider should a deep-pocketed patron of the programme come along, but until then… If you are interested in some of the bizarre/draconian limitations on my streaming license, check out this page over at LoudCity.

As always, You can send your requests, comments, complaints, suggestions, or demands over at the Contact page. I hope you tune in tonight, and spread the word about the programme!


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