May 14th, 2012



programme theme Rosiere Moseley Radio Programme
1234 Feist The Reminder
303 Scopem Hard Squarepusher Ufabulum
Dr. Drea’s 4th Anniversary Drop Dr. Drea Radio Programme
Queen Bitch David Bowie Hunky Dory
New Beginnings Love Is All A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night
Invaders Must Die The Prodigy Invaders Must Die (Bonus Track Version)
Unhappy Birthday The Smiths Strangeways, Here We Come (Remastered By Johnny Marr)
Train Song Tom Waits Franks Wild Years
Asleep on a Train M̼m Yesterday Was Dramatic РToday Is OK
Awake on a Train M̼m Yesterday Was Dramatic РToday Is OK
Nightrain Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction
Strangers on a Train Lovage Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By
Psalm 69 Ministry Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed & The Way to Suck Eggs
Touched Philth Paradigm Shift
pat fleet drop (clean) Pat Fleet Radio Programme
Point Skinny Puppy hanDover
Combat for the Angel Secret Chiefs 3 Book M
Troma Team Release Troma Entertainment Radio Programme
Sunshine Recorder Boards of Canada Geogaddi
Loner Burial Kindred EP
Unkle Weaver’s 4th Anniversary Drop unkle weaver Radio Programme
Come On Up To The House Tom Waits Mule Variations
Pac-Man Fever Buckner and Garcia Pac-Man Fever
Cobra Lucha The Bronx The Bronx
Ease Back Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown
Coconut Fred Schneider/Deadly Cupcake Just Fred
Allthegirls Siriusmo Allthegirls
Allthegirls (Reprise) Siriusmo Allthegirls
Pregnant Cheerleader Theme Song Kid606 Brain in the Wire
Dark Steering Squarepusher Ufabulum
thankyou some girl Radio Programme
BOOONUUUSSSS TRAAAACCCCKKKK (live) HParty 2011 grahams’ completely normal radio programme
Dirty Water The Standells Fever Pitch

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