New Bat Time: 8pm EDT
New Bat Channel:

That’s right, starting Monday, May 17th at 8pm EDT, the show will be
broadcasting at!


Q: Waaaaaaat?
A: Yes.

Q: Why?
A: TJ over at and I have been sharing internet radio secrets for the past year, and as he talked about growing his station we started discussing joining forces, and now not only will the programme be joining TJ’s wonderful Uncertain Times morning show, but several other new DJs who are joining the station.

Q: Why the new time slot?
A: I’m pretty sure that 10pm is too late for many people, so I decided that if I was going to move in space I might as well also move in time.

Q: Does this mean that the programme will no longer be on Mixcloud LIVE?
A: The show will broadcast to both and Mixcloud for a week or two to make sure I catch stragglers, but after that it will ONLY be available on

Q: How do I actually tune in? I just got used to Mixcloud LIVE?
A: Visit and there are options to listen directly from there, as well as instructions for playing the station in many popular pieces of audio software and devices!

Q: What about archive episodes?
A: The archive episodes will continue to be posted to Mixcloud for now, but at some point may move to the Patreon episode archive.

Q: What about the programme Slack?
A: It doesn’t make sense to have two slacks, so after a week or two I’m going to shut down the programme slack. Please join the UFM Slack (if you haven’t already).

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