Theme Song Contest!

So it’s been over a year since the last contest ended, and since I’ve been teasing ‘contests’ in the theme song each week, I felt it was time to finally rectify this.

I’ve had a All Cover Song show in the works for a few months now.  I’ve approached a few friends to do a cover version of the show’s theme song, but so far nobody has had the time/inclination/inspiration to do so, which is fine. I was thinking that this is perfect fodder for a new contest!

So, submit YOUR cover version of the theme song before March 21st at 5pm EDT April 18th at 5pm to be entered into the contest for the chance to win a movie of my choosing DVD or Bluray.  The actual film selection will likely be a negotiation between the winner and I, and I promise to only pick a movie I actually think is good.  I will be the final judge of the winning entry, and there will be only one true winner, although I will likely play some of the runners up throughout the show (and possibly use them on future shows).

After I announced this on the show, a few people asked for some clarifications:

  • I tend to prefer cover songs that are unique from the original, and sometimes even almost unrecognizable, so feel free to interpret creatively.
  • You don’t need to stick with the original T-Pain background bed, in fact, unless your delivery was awesome, it could hurt you in the contest.
  • If nobody enters I’m just going to buy myself a massage.

Good luck!

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